Nop Allure Theme + 10 Plugins (

Nop Allure Theme + 10 Plugins (
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Where great design meets superb functionality comes the Nop Allure Theme. It is beautifully crafted and elegantly executed to offer the ultimate e-commerce tool for your online business.
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Поддерживаемые версии: 3.90, 4.00, 4.10, 4.20, 4.30, 4.40, 4.50
Дата загрузки: апреля 09,2014
Последнее обновление: мая 10,2022

Great responsive design

which works smoothly on any device.

Choose your own colour

or select one of our predefined colour presets.

10 plugins included

The theme comes with 10 plugins to offer a complete ecommerce solution packed with all the necessary functionality: Nop Ajax Filters, Nop Anywhere Sliders, Nop JCarousel, Nop Mega Menu, Nop Quick View, Nop Quick Tabs, Nop Ajax Cart, Nop Instant Search, Nop Cloud Zoom, Nop Product Ribbons.

SEO optimized

The theme follows all the best practices for SEO-friendly markup and urls. It also includes advanced meta data management and generation based on the ecommerce catalog.

Live stores using our themes

To view our portfolio of live stores using our nopCommerce themes, please click here.

Part of
Nop Ultimate Theme Collection

The Nop Ultimate Theme Collection now includes a total of 26 premium nopCommerce themes. Each theme in the collection comes with 10 plugins and multiple domains license.


  • Supported versions 3.20 - 4.50
  • Multi-store / Multi-vendor support
  • RTL (Right-To-Left) Support
  • Clean HTML and CSS structure for easy customization
  • Open to modification public view (.cshtml) files
  • Fully localizable and can be used in any language
  • Tested with all major browsers
  • 1 year of free support and upgrades since purchase date
  • Demo data base available
  • Blog, forum and news pages styled
verticas_mueller 29.03.2019 3:57
Thousands of themes & plugins and awesome support
When you buy the collection of themes at you get access to a countless bundle of plugins and awesome support team at NOP TEMPLATES. This has opened new ways for our cuomsters and show fantastic opportunites!
And if there one question left, just contact support and you receive superfast response.
Great work!
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nopgre 20.03.2019 12:32
Great Service
When dealing with the Nopcommerce platform there are a lot cowboy and fly by night companies and developers, here today gone tommorow. NopTemplates is a great stable company and extremely reliable, we ourselves are not very technical we focus more on sales, so it is important to work with companies who give true support and just dont leave you to yourself, in terms of templates there is no better and there plugins are just as great, and best of all they stand behind there product with great support.

Thanks,  NopTemplates
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Ramikk 24.02.2018 8:46
Chat support
Is this templet support chat between customer and vendor orsupport chat plugin?
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Менеджер ответил на этот отзыв
The template has more than 10 plugins already included in it but none of them is a chat plugin.
neess 21.12.2017 8:54
god product amazing service
A very good product, that just works.
The service/support is amazing and really helpfull.
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snowmanbg 10.08.2016 8:13
The optimal solution for an online store
The NOP Allure template has provided us much more than what we originally planned for. The platform has vast amount of functionalities needed for any online store and yet it is easy to use and most of the things are one click away. Compared to other platforms we have tried in the past, it is the optimal solution for small, medium and even large businesses.
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tehrankit 10.07.2015 8:25
Do You are free to give this theme?
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[email protected] 01.07.2015 3:53
perfect choise for
the allure theme in combination with sevenspikes plugins for sliders, carousels and megamenu was the perfect choise for this online store selling clothes and shoes.

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vti 14.04.2015 5:26
Allure Theme
It's an awesome product, neat, clean, contemporary and packed with cool features on every step. Really something refreshing.
We receive Wow! from customers every day.
Thank you, Nop-templates also for true fanatic support
Thanks Nop-Tempales!
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makkikki 08.01.2015 11:44
Clean, beautiful design
The design it self is very clean but it is all the scripts you get with it that makes it awesome.
Support is also very good... Milen always responds to my emails.
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nappinc 06.05.2014 22:06
I just purchased recently for a 3.30  I thought it was very nice  , saved me a lot of extra work and money + having  all those plugins stepped up the site a couple of notches
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