NopBackup Plugin

NopBackup Plugin
Secure your site with scheduled database backup to local or Google Drive and more. Works with Local as well as Remote Servers.
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Поддерживаемые версии: 3.90
Дата загрузки: июля 07,2016
Последнее обновление: февраля 16,2023
nopCommerce Backup Plugin

NopBackup Plugin - nopCommerce Backup Plugin

Effortless, Automated nopCommerce Backup Plugin

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NopBackup is the nopCommerce Backup plugin which provides extensive scheduled backup feature for Ms-SQL Server for nopCommerce. It can be used to schedule a backup for sites where Ms-SQL Server is hosted on same server as well as also supports Ms-SQL Server backup which are hosted on remote server.

Multi-Store configuration is not required at all as database is going to be same for all nopCommerce stores. Plugin currently stores backup sets on local server as well as it have feature to upload backup on Google Drive as well.

If you need this plugin in your own language or if you need more Third Party repositories support such as DropBox or OneDrive or if you need more features, you can always write to us.

NopBackup Plugin Features

  • Test Backup / Manually Backup using "Run Backup Now" button.
  • Assessment Wizard for Ms-SQL Server Backup Permissions.
  • Supports Local as well as Remote (external) Ms-SQL Server Backup.
  • Store Backup Sets on Local Server.
  • Upload Backup automatically to External Storage Such as Google Drive. (More providers will be added upon requests.)
  • Automated Backup Scheduling for Daily ,Weekly or Monthly Backup's.
  • Compress Backup File to save space.
  • Manage/Delete Local and Google Drive Backup Repositories from One Place.
  • Download Backup From Local and Google Drive Backup Repositories from One Place.
  • Secured Backup Processes. (No use of third party libraries for Ms-SQL backup process.)
  • More features coming soon shortly... (Suggest a feature)

Installing Plugin

Download plugin object code and put it at your /Plugins folder then follow nopCommerce standard plugin installation procedure to install plugin. NopBackup plugin is available under “Misc” group on local plugins page. Once Plugin is installed go to your nopCommerce admin panel, and go to Configuration > Plugins > Local Plugins > NopBackup Plugin. It will ask you to enter your license key, enter license key which you received on your registered email after purchasing this plugin from our website.

You may need to give read/write permission's to IIS user's on server where you deploy/host your website to install this plugin.

How to use NopBackup Plugin

  • After installing this plugin, once configured it will automatically provide options and methods for taking and scheduling backup's. For brief intro on how to configure please look at plugin configuration help document included in the plugin download folder.