Smartfreight Delivery Plugin

Smartfreight Delivery Plugin
Dispatch your online orders simply and efficiently with this “multi-couriers-on-one-platform” freight system. Your e-commerce customers can choose a delivery option that suits them, while you manage the impact of shipping costs on your business.
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Поддерживаемые версии: 3.90, 4.20
Дата загрузки: декабря 02,2019
Последнее обновление: сентября 10,2020
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Smartfreight Delivery Plugin

for nopcommerce

Whether you’re an online start-up or a global, omni-channel business, with our Smartfreight plugin you have full control over your shipping. This plugin uses the SmartFreight smart platform. With hundreds of possible transport providers and routes at your fingertips, you can offer your online customers a variety of shipping options to suit their needs. Delivery options are displayed in real-time so the customer can select the one that costs them least, gets there faster or any other option that works for them.

You can see our demo here by adding an item to the cart and going to the checkout. Smartfreight will come up as one of the delivery methods.

Note: For further information on this plugin, it’s worth contacting SmartFreight directly. They can help you understand additional features such as reporting, delivery tracking and other features, and also tell you more about their set-up costs and other fees.