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Tap Payments

Tap Payments
Local, Regional & Global Card Acceptance
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Поддерживаемые версии: 4.30
Дата загрузки: июля 27,2021
Последнее обновление: августа 02,2021
Through Tap, your customers now have the option of paying with their preferred local card, a regional card, or even with an international credit card. Our Extension allows them to pay for any of your listed products and services in a snap. Whether that’s through KNET, Benefit, Mada, Sadad, Visa, MasterCard, or American Express. From now on, the only thing you won’t accept is ‘no’ for an answer. Whether you’re a powerhouse player or a young solo-preneur, if you’re in business you already know the importance of seizing every financial opportunity. You already know that having a solid e-commerce platform is essential to succeeding. You already know that, in order for you to make money? You’ve got to know the business of money. We are Tap. We’re in the business of money. And you’re in the right place.