Shipping by Total

Shipping by Total
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Supported versions: 3.90 , 4.00 , 4.10 , 4.20
Created: November 30,2012
Last updated: August 19,2019

This plugin is a shipping rate computation method that provides shipping rates based on an order's subtotal -rates can also be set by the warehouse, store, country, state / province, and ZIP / postal code.

nopCommerce VersionPlugin VersionDownloadUpgrade Script
4.201.26Source, Compiled 1.25_1.26_upgrade.sql
4.101.25Source, Compiled 
4.001.24Source, Compiled 
3.901.23Source, Compiled 
3.801.22Source, Compiled 
3.701.21Source, Compiled 
3.601.20Source, Compiled1.19_1.20_upgrade.sql
3.501.19Source, Compiled1.17_1.19_upgrade.sql
3.401.17Source, Compiled 
3.301.16Source, Compiled 
3.201.15Source, Compiled1.13_1.15_upgrade.sql
3.101.13Source, Compiled1.12_1.13_upgrade.sql
3.001.12Source, Compiled 
2.70, 2.801.11Source, Compiled 
2.651.08Source, Compiled 
2.601.07Source, Compiled1.05_1.07_upgrade.sql
2.501.05Source, Compiled 
2.401.04Source, Compiled 
2.301.03Source, Compiled 
2.00, 2.10, 2.201.02Source, Compiled