ShipWorks Plugin

ShipWorks Plugin
nopCommerce Plugin for ShipWorks
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Supported versions: 3.90 , 4.00 , 4.10 , 4.20
Created: October 23,2013
Last updated: June 01,2019

NopCommerce Plugin for ShipWorks now with MultiStore Support

This Nop Plugin supports the ShipWorks 3.0 +  Generic Store type on NopCommerce 3.20, 3.30, 3.40, 3.50, 3.60, 3.70, 3.80, 3.90, 4.00, 4.10, 4.20 When configured in ShipWorks this module allows the NopCommerce installation to communicate order and shipping information to ShipWorks. ShipWorks in turn will post shipping information such as ship date & time and tracking information back to NopCommerce.

All order information is loaded into ShipWorks including Billing & Shipping address information, item details such as weight, unit price, shipping charges, taxes, order notes both public and internal and item attributes.

For more information on shipworks please visit the ShipWorks web site.

Supported Generic Module features:

  • MultiStore - Allows multiple stores setup in ShipStation to download orders only from that store. Each license supports a single NopCommerce installation with unlimited number of stores.
  • Download Strategy: By Order Number or By Modified Date
  • OnLineCustomerID: Customers are tracked in ShipWorks by their Customer Id in NopCommerce
  • Supports Associated to product attributes
  • Option to “Add Checkout Attributes as line items”.   Checkout attributes will be added as line items so they show in the invoice in ShipWorks.
  • Added Warehouse name to item Location in ShipWorks
  • Supports adding qty and sku to attribute value to be displayed on customers invoice
  • Supports sending non paid po orders to ShipWorks
  • OnlineStatus: Maps to Nop OrderStatus codes, supports comments as private OrderNotes
  • OnlineShipmentUpdate: Writes tracking number back to Order record and updates shipped date
  • Allows Payment Status update to 'Shipped' from ShipWorks when order ships
  • Allows Payment Status update to 'voided' from ShipWorks when order is Canceled
  • Supports NopCommerce Attribute Combo SKU's in addition to main product SKU's
  • Updates Tracking number from ShipWorks back into NopCommerce
  • Option to Send Order Shipped Email from NopCommerce.  This can be turned on and off via the config
  • Option to set order status to Completed when Shipping status is set to Shipped
  • Option “Keep Settings When Uninstalled” – If checked when you uninstall the plugin your settings will not be deleted.
  • Option “Send Canceled Orders” – If an order in canceled in NopCommerce the order will be re-sent to ShipWorks and will show as canceled.
  • Option “Use SubTotal Discount Including Tax” – When discounts are set to use SubTotal Discount Including Tax the Discount line will use this value instead of the order discount value