SoftBank Alipay Payment Module(Only Japan)

SoftBank Alipay Payment Module(Only Japan)
This plugin use the credit card (Alipay) provided by SoftBank Payment Service Co., Ltd. to complete the payment process.
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Supported versions: 4.00
Created: April 17,2018
Last updated: April 17,2018

In order to use this module, a contract with SoftBank payment service Co., Ltd. must be completed in advance.

■About AliPay Card
China's No. 1 Settlement service allows you to use the payment procedures that are used in China.
While you may be concerned about security when you use it overseas, it is a service that can be used with peace of mind.

■ Features
Various settings are available on Japanese screen.
You can use it without the exchange risk.

■ Security
・Support for non-retention of card information by link type

■ Introduction procedure
・Module download
・Installation on the site
・Setting the necessary items from the Settings menu
* Basic information input from SoftBank
・Payment service Enable modules