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    Our focus is the workplace - software which makes an organization run. We know the workplace well and chances are we've solved your problem before. Our skills, knowledge and guidance are focused on four core 'Connected Workplace' consulting practices:

    • Cloud
    • Commerce
    • Business Intelligence
    • Custom Development

    Terrace is unique. We put our customers first. We employ a solid, diverse staff of artisan professionals with the experience, knowledge and drive to move every project swiftly from vision to implementation. We have worked in all major industries & have particularly deep experience with financial services, specialty retail, insurance & manufacturing.


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  • Terrace

    • Consulting Services
      Terrace provides highly qualified consulting resources for mid-market and enterprise clients seeking array of technology solutions. We provide both complete project teams and staff augmentation. We employ a certified staff of artisan engineers with a broad array of platform and technology expertise to deliver transformative work for our clients.
    • Project Services
      Terrace typically follows a hybrid of 'Agile' & 'Structured' processes for our normal project. We borrow some of the best practices of 'Structured' in our planning activities in order to clearly define the Statement of Work (SOW), budget and schedule for the project. We then follow an iterative 'Agile' approach during development, testing and implementation guided by the SOW.
    • Support Services
      Application Support provides comprehensive operational 'Run Services'. Terrace offers fast, friendly, knowledgeable application support services to registered support customers. Each Support Request is tracked by our private Support Portal and Ticketing system to transparently manage resources, scheduling, status and completion. We offer support services for scheduled and non scheduled / emergency work.
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