• MiC Software

    We offer an extensive range of services for ecommerce, web, cloud, desktop, mobile apps, ERP and system integration. We have created fully tailored and customized applications to meet individual requirements for our customers in various industries using Nopcommerce, Microsoft Technologies (.NET, Xamarin, Azure), JS Frameworks (Angular, React) and other open source technologies.

    We help create solutions which span more than one device platform. Specialists in nopCommerce, Xamarin, Azure and other Microsoft Technologies allows us to develop .NET solutions for any device.

    We specialize in HTML5 Line of business app creation, developing interactive and responsive web experiences for desktop, tablet and mobile. Whether it's a SPA using AngularJS/Angular, ReactJS and VueJS or server-side solution using ASP.NET, we’ve got you covered.

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  • MiC Software

    We can help you take advantage of everything Windows Azure has to offer—from migrating legacy applications to creating new custom solutions using the cloud infrastructure- and platform-as-a-service.

    We offer a wide range of services:

    • E-commerce and B2B Solutions using nopCommerce
    • Web or HTML5 Line-of-Business Application
    • Front-End Web Development & Single Page Applications (SPA)
    • Windows and Mac Applications
    • Mobile Applications (iOS, Android and Windows)
    • Cloud Applications (Microsoft Azure & Amazon AWS)
    • Third Party Integration
    • Database Administration and Programming
    • Data Migration
    • Single Sign-On and OAuth2/OpenID/JWT Token Authentication
    • Real-Time Communication Applications
    • Responsive Website Designs
    • IoT Applications
    • Artificial Intelligence
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