SQL Queries Plugin

SQL Queries Plugin
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This plugin allows viewing record from SQL by using certain queries.
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Supported versions: 3.90 , 4.00 , 4.10
Created: November 20,2018
Last updated: November 20,2018

SQL plugin allows viewing record from SQL by using selected queries. Don’t use: create, insert, update, delete, alter, drop, into and truncate queries.
1 Download plugin.
2 Unzip the downloaded file.
3 In your nopCommerce web folder, you will see a Plugins folder, in it...
4 Create a sub folder with plugin name (TMotions.Sql queries).
5 Copy all the files from the zip download into the subfolder.
6 Either a restart the nopCommerce application, or b login as Administrator, goto Administration > Configuration > Plugins > click the button "Reload list of Plugins".
7 after the list reloads, scroll down to the line with new plugin name, and click the "Install" link.
8 When you install the plugin, "Display Data" will shown under the plugin tab and once you click on Display Data

dvukovic1 12/7/2018 3:02 AM
Plugin is not working
Plugin is not working or it is extremely slow
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