OKPAY is a rapidly growing company. Its founders have been working on this project tirelessly since 2007. The company owners are business people with vast practical experience in the field of electronic commerce, financial software development, product marketing, and sales via the Internet. The origins of our expertise in e-currency and payment processing date back at least to the year 2000.

OKPAY holds hard currency reserves to back up its entire system. The company owns offshore bank accounts that store hard currency in the amount that corresponds to the total amount of clients' funds in their OKPAY accounts.

Company’s objective is to provide a unique experience encompassing the business model of a “classic” digital currency, which in our eyes consists of privacy, security, borderless international transactions, buyer and seller protection via built-in escrow services or non-refundable payments (by customer's choice), and low fees.


1. Download the plugin archive

2. Open a folder with your nopCommerce version. Put the directory 'Payments.OkPay' into \Plugins directory on your server

3. Follow this link