How to gain customers trust towards your e-Commerce store

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So, you offer a wide variety of products on your e-Commerce store site along with a flashy design, super-fast loading time and a user-friendly checkout process. You also have a great SEO and marketing strategy planned for your online store. All of these elements are very important in order to run a successful online business. But, there is one more basic and less common element that is equally important in order to get more sales and revenue i.e. Trust.

Gaining customers trust towards your e-Commerce store involves two things:

  • Representing your online business as a brand
  • Security (in order to make your customers feel safe)

Pay attention to your online presence and look professional

Starting an e-Commerce site with a logo and products on it is not a “real” definition of being professional. It is easy to fall into the trap of bad designing or following some old trends that might make your website look unprofessional. An ugly layout and cluttered website can easily drive away the potential customers from your online store. Remember, no one wants to shop on an unintuitive or clunky website.

Online shoppers trust professional looking websites and if you would like your e-Commerce store to look professional, it is important to pay attention to the layout of your site, high quality product images, user-friendly product pages and quality content. In your site layout, a right proportion between your graphics and the white space keeps the user focused on the content of your website. Too many ads, banners, buttons, product images or icons can easily make your web page a bit heavy. Since the customers cannot touch, smell or see the actual product on a store site, images is the only way by which online shoppers are able to interact with the products. If the high quality images make your products look more attractive, online shoppers will be more confident in purchasing from you.

Offer security features

Show the customers that they can trust you (or your store site) as shoppers need to feel safe when they are on any website, especially when they are providing payment information. Make sure you have SSL certificate and badges to prove to the customers that all the personal information is protected. If you add trust signals on every step of the checkout process, the customers will certainly be convinced that their payment information is completely secure and they can trust your online business/brand. Many e-Commerce websites add security icons on payment pages as it helps the customers to overcome the hesitation and gives them confidence to complete the transaction.

Prove your customers that you are real and running a trusted business

It is very important to prove your customers that you are a “real” business. Make sure, you have a working “Contact Us” form that is easily accessible (or visible) on your website. This simple form allows your customer to get in touch with you to get more information about your product / services, complain about your product or simply tell you how great your product is. If possible, post your physical address on your store site so that customers can believe that you are a real company / business.

Show what others have to say about your products and services

Product reviews are great for online businesses even the ones that are not positive. These days, majority of customers look for online product reviews before purchasing a product. Statistics shows that e-Commerce stores that offer product reviews have increased their average order rate as compared to other online stores that do not offer this feature. Your confidence in displaying product reviews can easily boost your customer’s confidence to make the purchase.

Many online businesses think that negative product reviews might impact their sales and revenue. But the reality is quite different. The negative reviews actually help your store site by making your customers believe that the reviews are unbiased. As a customer, if you only see positive reviews on a store site, wouldn’t you become suspicious about the site or the product? When customers see negative reviews they get a true impression that as a store owner, you are not hiring writers to post positive reviews for your products and services.

Interesting Fact: According to “Harvard Business Review”, bad reviews increases product recognition and boost sales

nopCommerce has a wealth of features and capabilities designed to create online store. nopCommerce supports news, blog, forums, polls and product reviews and ratings which allows asking for feedback on products that gives customers a voice and lets others know what people think about your products. nopCommerce also supports review helpfulness feature (“Was this review helpful for you?”). nopCommerce also offers all of these features that helps store owners to optimize the checkout process.

Author: Lavish Kumar

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