How to make your e-Commerce site look more professional

How to make your e-Commerce site look more professional

The web design industry is moving forward at a very fast pace and the trends are changing all the time. As technology evolves, it is easy to fall into the trap of bad designing or following some old trends that might make your website look unprofessional. An ugly layout and cluttered website can easily drive away the potential customers from your online store. Remember, no one wants to shop on an unintuitive or clunky website.

So, the question is – How to make your online store site enticing for the online audience? Here are some tips for improving your e-Commerce site and make it look more professional.

Keep it simple and clean

Sometimes you just want to display everything on your business website that covers all your products and services but it can easily make your online store site look cluttered. In your site layout, a right proportion between your graphics and the white space keeps the user focused on the content of your website. Too many ads, banners, buttons, product images or icons can easily make your web page a bit heavy. Nowadays, many web designers are adapting a flat user interface instead of using three-dimensional look for the web pages. So, why not embrace the flat UI where the web industry is heading and give your online audience a break from a cluttered website? Remember, sometimes less is more than enough to enhance the user experience.

Plain and relevant logo = Branding

When you put a lot of effort in designing a logo to make it look unique and special, it can be seen as a huge step towards representing your business as a brand. Always keep one thing in mind that a good logo can make a big difference. It is far easier to remember a nice and unique logo instead of recalling some random words. So, try to see your logo as a face for your company as that’s the first thing people will remember in regards to your business. Make your logo prominent to your homepage and other pages of your website in order to promote your online business as a brand.

Tip: Here are some latest logo design trends that might inspire you.

Use colors and text strategically

In order to make your online store site look elegant and modern, it is always a good idea to make use of a neutral color palette. Make sure your colors work together on the site. A lot of web designers like to keep the color theme consistent by using the same colors that are being used in the business logo. It is always a good design practice to make use of complimentary colors that make your text readable so that it does force your online audience to squint or give them a headache while reading the content. A good usage of contrast in your design will always make your website look more professional.

Text is a very important part of your website. It is there to make your website informative and answer the online visitor’s questions.

  • Font Color - The font color is quite an important thing in regard to the ease of readability. Try avoiding mistakes like using yellow or florescent color on a white background or red color on a blue background that will make the text quite hard to read.
  • Limited use of fonts - Try to create a theme for your website that does not make use of more than two or three fonts. Here are some guidelines and techniques for web typography.
  • Be consistent - Consistency in the hierarchy is an important factor in creating a user-friendly layout. For example: All the headers or titles should be of same font face, size and color

Pay attention to mobile design

A professional website is something that looks professional everywhere including all kinds of mobile devices and not just desktops or laptops. When you are selecting fonts, colors and layout for your online store site, keep in mind that people will be looking at your online store not just on a desktop or a laptop but on all kinds of mobile devices with different screen sizes. Today, all websites should be optimized for smartphones, tablets, desktops, gaming console browsers and big screen TVs etc.

Tip: Learn more about why a responsive design is important for your online business website

nopCommerce comes with a free default theme that offers a consistent layout across all pages of the website and makes your online store look professional. The design is very clean and easy to customize. nopCommerce default layout/theme also support a responsive design that is optimized for all screen sizes.

Author: Lavish Kumar

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21.06.2016 00:21
I am glad you have mentioned one of the most important points here, that is being aware of mobile design. It is needed to design the eCommerce site keeping in mind not only the desktop users but also users of other devices as well.