Top 5 modern SEO myths in e-commerce world

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Search engines are the most common medium by which businesses present their products or services to their target customers. An e-commerce store, which is an online business, should certainly focus on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) because every business owner wants to showcase their online stone on search engines.

Yes, focusing on SEO is like marketing your online store on the web. But, SEO is one of the most common misinterpreted terms in the marketing world as it comes with a lack of clarity. SEO is not a magic and it does ignites a number of myths.

Let us discuss top 5 modern SEO myths in e-commerce world:

Myth# 1: You don’t need to focus on SEO because you are on all major social media sites

Fact: Quite wrong! SEO is not directly linked to social media sites in regard to ranking algorithm. The social media pages are treated same as any other pages and if search engine finds any relevant information on these social media sites that is being searched then those pages are shown in the search results.

Just because you have more likes or followers do not mean that you will get higher rank on search engines. Google has mentioned this several times that their search algorithm for ranking pages does not factor social signals because it is difficult to measure the quality of the content simply based on the likes or followers. Yes, as a business owner you should certainly use social media sites to increase the visibility of your online store in order to reach more audience. This is also a great way of communicating with your customers.

Myth# 2: More links means better SEO

Fact: Nope! The reality is based on a famous saying “choose quality over quantity” which also goes for the links. Have better quality links that ties into your brand, product or services rather than having number of irrelevant links

This concept can be explained with a help of a simple example: You have a “Product Website A” in which you have a long list of links that includes social media posts from your friends and family recommending your product. On the other hand, you have a “Product Website B” in which you have only 2 people recommending your product: “Bill Gates” and “Mark Zuckerberg”. The answer is simple; the customers visiting your online stores are more likely to click on links for the posts by “Bill Gates” and “Mark Zuckerberg” because audience considers it as quality content. So, have quality links that are worth the click and catches your customer’s attention which will bring long-term value to your brand or online store.

Myth# 3: SEO means using all possible keywords for better ranking

Fact: Wrong! It may sound relevant that search engine like Google will use all the keywords in order to show your online store on the google search result page. But, back in year 2009, Google publicly announced that they do not use the keywords meta tag in web ranking. Since, the meta keyword tag was abused by many websites by using a long list of keywords, search engine like Google finally decided to simply ignore this section for page ranking.

But, meta description section is still being used by search engines (like Google) as it is still pulled into the search result page along with your website link. So, make sure you have a good quality description that sets your website aside from your competitor and that will make the customer to click on your website.

Myth# 4: SEO is easy, cheap and can be done by anyone

Fact: Absolutely wrong! Search engine optimization is not an easy or cheap task. It is a continuous process that requires ongoing work in order to keep the site alive or up to date. So, basically it is a never ending process which you should not stop. Being a business owner, you are competing with number of other businesses. SEO requires an ongoing process in order to keep your online store visible in the competitive market and staying on top of changing trends all the time.

Myth# 5: Better ranking = Successful Business Guarantee!!!

Fact: No! Just because your online store has achieved a better rank does not guarantee a successful business. If store A ranks #1 and store B ranks #5 on the Google search results, store B might generate more business (money) than store A. SEO should never be looked as an only thing needed for a successful business because it is not a solution for a poor business strategy or a bad product/service.

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Author: Lavish Kumar

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