Nop Motion Theme + 10 Plugins (

Nop Motion Theme + 10 Plugins (
5.0 20
Nop Motion Theme will definitely trigger your emotions! The theme is a great combination of fine design and superb functionality to offer the necessary ingredients for a first-class nopCommerce store.
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Desteklenen sürümler: 3.90, 4.00, 4.10, 4.20, 4.30, 4.40, 4.50, 4.60
Oluşturuldu: Mayıs 07,2015
Son güncelleme: Kasım 30,2023

Choose your own colour

or select one of our predefined colour presets.

Great responsive design

which works smoothly on any device.

10 plugins included

The theme comes with 10 plugins to offer a complete ecommerce solution packed with all the necessary functionality: Nop Ajax Filters, Nop Anywhere Sliders, Nop JCarousel, Nop Mega Menu , Nop Quick View , Nop Quick Tabs , Nop Ajax Cart , Nop Instant Search , Nop Cloud Zoom , Nop Product Ribbons.

SEO optimized

The theme follows all the best practices for SEO-friendly markup and urls. It also includes advanced meta data management and generation based on the ecommerce catalog.

Live stores using our themes

To view our portfolio of live stores using our nopCommerce themes, please click here.

Part of Nop
Ultimate Theme Collection

The Nop Ultimate Theme Collection now includes a total of 26 premium nopCommerce themes. Each theme in the collection comes with 10 plugins and multiple domains license.


  • Supported versions 3.20 - 4.60
  • Multi-store / Multi-vendor support
  • RTL (Right-To-Left) Support
  • Clean HTML and CSS structure for easy customization
  • Open to modification public view (.cshtml) files
  • Fully localizable and can be used in any language
  • Tested with all major browsers
  • 1 year of free support and upgrades since purchase date
  • Demo data base available
  • Blog, forum and news pages styled
mariocesar 11.02.2020 15:47
Very customizable theme
The theme is very good looking and match my industry type, very customizable and easy to handle.
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mrcoulson 22.08.2019 09:12
Powerful theme
This is an outstanding theme and the integration of the associated plugins provides a lot of flexibility around a site.  Nop-Templates support is fast, friendly, and thorough.
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varunnaresh 10.06.2019 07:03
Best Theme with the Best Support
One of the best Themes in NopCommerce, with the best support ever ! Support is super fast and helpful and is perfect for all your development needs.

This is one of the most stable nopcommerce themes. Theme comes with tons of useful plugins that can be super useful for a developer as clients almost always ask for additional features later on into the project and NopTemplates have almost all of them covered under one roof !

Awesome Theme and Support ! Keep up the good work !
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websystem2610 4.01.2018 09:31
Great product and support
Fantastic themes and plugins, the Nop-Templates support team are great. Highly recommended.
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Stergios 22.05.2017 05:03
Great product
Good product has used it for several years, good support on the product. The carusel i useful when using atributes colors :)
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[email protected] 28.04.2017 05:47
Excellent service
Fantastic themes and plugins, the Nop-templates support team are quick to respond and very helpful if you have any questions. Highly recommended.
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darkever 5.10.2015 03:11
Good contrast and color scheme, probably the best NopCommerce template
After a few research on the NopCommerce templates, I decided to go for Motion template. The price tag might not be the best but the design quality of the template certainly beat the rest. The support is amazing too. I hardly write a review but this template certainly deserve the praise. Thank you! Keep it up!
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yohanes 10.08.2015 21:53
very nice design, nice header menu !
i like the color combination, it really attracts attention of user to see more. The design is perfect for selling goods for teenagers or young people as the target market.

The header menu is really stand-out, hover over it , never see that coming , nice hover styles, good job for this one !
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etwina 8.06.2015 05:17
Excellent Theme !
Great set of plugins.
And awesome support ! thank you very much!
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4hmeT 6.05.2015 13:31
Excellent Theme!
Thank you for your great interface and functionallity..
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makkikki 9.01.2015 12:07
Best templates for nopcommerce
Honestly... themes aside it is their scripts that make nopcommerce much easier to use.

Their support has been great so far. I am very happy with them.
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vti 5.01.2015 05:03
Best Premium Nopcommerce Themes
They have given me the best Nopcommerce Premium Template in time , they have given the support  as free for me, thats why i'm writing this review for them. They are very pleased to work and give your review for gift them.
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CorsaMeccanica 30.11.2014 10:08
One of The Best Themes by Nop-Templates
We've been using Nop-Templates themes and plugins for a couple years now and have not once been dissatisfied with the quality of their products or the support service they provide. They are quick to answer your questions and are continually improving their plugins and themes.

The Motion theme is one of the best themes Nop-Templates has to offer. The responsive design of this theme is clean and intuitive to use on all screen sizes. The theme also includes 10 of their best plugins.

The price of this theme as well as Nop-Templates other products is well worth it and have always proven to be a great value for us. Do not hesitate, take your nopCommerce website to the next level with Nop-Templates now.
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fatli 26.11.2014 07:26
Great theme and plugins
hey nop-templates team !
Thank you for sharing with us this beautiful theme.
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pateldeepp 11.07.2014 05:42
Design Solution = Nop-Template
Nop-Templates Guys are awesome !

They are really building quality theme along with keeping NopCommerce Plug-able architecture.

Super Simple installation and working very nice with all devices and icons & layout just awesome no word ! I am using LightHouse just going to buy another one soon.

Nop-Template Keep up good work ! I see you have added more option now a days. Only place to look for Nop-Template to start with.

Main advantages are Plug-Ins which you  gonna LOVE !!!! Plug-in installation is very superb and easy configurable and working fine.

I got updates of themes in just 3 working days when NopCommerce release their last version 3.3 !


Now buying theme "MOTION" !
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ecigworld 23.06.2014 04:04
Great responsive theme, easy to install

Brought this theme for my new site, it was quick and easy to install and user experience is great. Very happy with the theme and service provided.

Support and email response is prompt and helpful.
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pzejer 22.06.2014 15:45
Great responsive skin and nice design
Among few skins which I checked, definetly the best choise. Really great responsive design and my customers enjoy this a lot. Nice and clean design.

I had few requests with bugs but they quickly reply and publish correct version.

Additional plugins are also cool.

I recommend this template
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sinharitesh2003 3.04.2014 22:10
Great UI with good UX
Hello All,

I had selected this theme because it gives me a feel good factory, easy navigable and do not confuse the surfer. Great performance.

Recommended for every nopcommerce lover
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europhil 28.03.2014 11:16
Great design, excellent support
This template is the real thing - designed with flair and executed professionally. It works perfectly and is ultra-configurable. You get a lot for the money, the plugins integrate nicely too.

Refreshingly, the structure is sound, code is clean, useful comments are included with source, and the site documentation is clear. I needed to raise a couple of issues on the forums and got no-fuss help from them within hours. If only every bit of IT/software was like this!

It really releases the goodness of nopCommerce, long live them both!
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vics 20.02.2014 10:37
The Elite of Templates
I spent a few days trying to decide which templates/plugins should I buy (there are several others out there) and I finally decided for Nop-Templates because they included their plugins with their themes.
I just got two things to say about

1. SUPERB plugins and design
2. SUPERB+ Customer Support

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