Stripe WeChat Pay by nopStation

Stripe WeChat Pay by nopStation
Stripe wechat pay plugin allows customers to use wechat wallets to pay your nopCommerce store.
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Oluşturuldu: Mart 09,2022
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WeChat is a leading lifestyle ‘super app’ used for messaging between people, as well as connecting people, services and businesses in China and around the world through a number of e-commerce and social features inside the app. WeChat Pay, the payment wallet inside the WeChat app, has over 800 million users.

Chinese consumers can use WeChat Pay to pay for goods and services inside of businesses’ apps and websites. WeChat Pay users buy most frequently in gaming, e-commerce, travel, online education and food/nutrition.


  • Supports Refund method
  • Supports multi-currencies
  • Supports multi-stores
  • Reduce fraud and increase conversion on mobile