TACO Metals: new eCommerce website with CMS capabilities

Sigma Solve, Inc
TACO Metals:  new eCommerce website with CMS capabilities
İstatistikler # 1
30% revenue growth
İstatistikler # 2
time-to-market has reduced by 40%
İstatistikler # 3
36% reduction in operational costs


Established in 1959, TACO Metals with its TACO Marine division became a leading manufacturer in the marine industry. The company had been using different online and offline project management systems, and it was difficult for the team to manage projects using various platforms. There was a need for a CMS with eCommerce capabilities to build a system that could accommodate dealers, distributors, and end-users into one single system.

As their existing eCommerce website didn’t make sales, TACO Metals company approached Sigma Solve to find a solution that could enhance their sales online and achieve better ROI. The whole project should be completed within a tight deadline. The changes were made for both TACO Metals and TACO Marine websites.


For this project Sigma Solve adopted an Agile approach and ensured continuous delivery for software development. They built a website on nopCommerce platform with both eCommerce and CMS functionality for TACO Metals, so they can distribute the products to distributors on a wholesale basis for reselling and consumers at a regular price.

All marketing collateral also can be easily stored on the new website. Dana Koman, Marketing Manager at TACO Metals says that it helped them to reach a much wider audience than ever before: “We can put a ton more information, a lot of pictures, and video, and spec sheets and brochures and manuals. It’s all-in-one very easy accessible place in the backend for us that we’re able to take on the frontend and just spread it far and wide.”

The website has a feature of highlighting certain products and materials that can be added by the admin users from the backend of the website. Separate logins for users, distributors, and dealers allows them to manage their accounts independently, what makes the website maintenance easier.

All the orders are sent to ERP system Syspro that was integrated with the new website. It helps to monitor and plan the resources, as products can be aligned with the inventory efficiently. To make the process of purchasing more fast and convenient for customers, Sigma Solve has integrated a one-page checkout feature. They also connected the new website with the CRM system Salesforce, that was being used by TACO Metals company, to serve all customers on time.

As the client wanted to get more orders from B2B customers, the store also provides discounts for bulk orders.

Some weak points on the website were also improved after the deep analysis. The search functionality was thoroughly optimized. To increase the search engine visibility, Sigma Solve implemented advanced SEO tactics. All these measures allowed retaining more customers and helped client to achieve the maximum ROI.


The new website with custom functionality met all the customers’ needs. TACO Metals observed a 30% revenue growth once the website was developed. Due to all implementations time-to-market has reduced by 40%. The new website allowed to gain a 36% reduction in operational costs.

The updated website definitely became more convenient to use, especially for marketing specialists who need to update the content regularly. “I would recommend nopCommerce because its easy-to-use interface. You don’t have to be an IT master to use it. You can be a marketing professional who wants to create the content of the pictures up there, manage the prices, manage the categories, and we can do it very easily, very user-friendly,” Dana continues, “the way it was developed will be good for our future goals as we continue to grow and expand our website”.

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