UPS Access Point

UPS Access Point
UPS Access Point Shipping Method
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Supported versions: 3.90
Created: June 27,2015
Last updated: October 13,2017

The UPS Access Points plugin allows customers to ship their order to their selected UPS Access Point (drop-off).  Avoiding the hassle of missed deliveries and allows the customer to pick-up their goods at a place and time convenient to them.


  • Make use of UPS Access Points for delivery.
  • Integrates with your UPS account to show available UPS Access Points.
  • Integrates with the UPS SHIPAPI to generate a UPS shipping label.
  • Shipping labels are available as an image for easy printing and contain all the relevant information for UPS delivery.

 UPS Access Point Selection


Download the Installation and Configuration guide for more information.  Download Here.

On complete of order view "My Account" > Downloadable Products to download your plugin files.

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