Abstract exchange rate provider by nopStation

Abstract exchange rate provider by nopStation
Abstract exchange rate and currency conversion API make it easy to get the latest currency data for nopCommerce stores.
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Dealing with multiple currencies is a crucial metric for many online businesses. Live exchange rates and tax calculations can help online stores manage currency conversions and calculations more efficiently. Abstract is a popular provider of exchange rate services through its API for online businesses of various sizes.

If you want to enable exchange rate services through Abstract, then nopStation is here with its Abstract Exchange rate provider plugin for nopCommerce. This exchange rate plugin for nopCommerce lets you use Abstract as an exchange rate provider for your online store. This plugin enables additional features such as real-time and accurate exchange rate data, coverage for global currency rates, cryptocurrency exchange rate support, and bank-level security. By enabling abstract as an exchange rate provider, you add extended exchange rate support and make currency conversation and calculation on your storefront more efficient.

  • Up-to-the-minute and reliable data
  • Highly accurate exchange rate data
  • Coverage for global exchange rates
  • Cryptocurrency exchange rate support
  • Bank-level security for all queries
  • Easy to install and configure

Add abstract exchange rate support with nopStation’s Abstract Exchange Rate Provider plugin. Don’t forget to check out nopStation’s other exchange rate provider plugins, Quandl Exchange Rate Provider