Shipping & Delivery

The platform behind billions of packages, EasyPost’s reliable, scalable, and flexible multi-carrier shipping API empowers e-commerce businesses across the globe to ship with ease. Compare rates of 100+ global carriers through a single integration and take advantage of our RESTful API’s 99.99% uptime; the most reliable in the industry. Tap into our data-backed optimizations to save up to 74% on shipping costs and improve on-time delivery to 90% or higher. We’ve already saved our customers tens of thousands of hours of development, removing the technical complexities and allowing them to focus on business growth.

The EasyPost Solution:

  • Address Verification API - Fully CASS-certified, 99.8% accurate, and 10x faster than SmartyStreets, with cheaper geolocation than Google.
  • Rating API (SmartRate) - First-ever rating engine to return prices and Time-in-Transit predictions with 98% accuracy by analyzing over a billion historical shipments.
  • Shipping API - Singular integration to implement and maintain, providing access to over 100 carriers across the globe with 99.99% API uptime.
  • Tracking API - Real-time shipment updates through custom-branded tracking pages and webhook notifications.
  • Insurance API - Up to $15k coverage for any product shipped with any carrier to any country. Underwritten by our own EasyPost captive.

Boost Your Parcel Visibility Reporting and Real-Time Delivery Analytics

Significantly improve your parcel delivery performance with real-time analytics. Using EasyPost’s carrier tracking data, build reports and dashboards that give you real-time visibility into your supply chain, allowing you to make complex decisions on the fly.

  • Package-level Details: Drill into tracking numbers under each visualization which provides access to package-level details such as billed weight, distance shipped, and time in transit.
  • Assess Carrier Performance: View customer-requested service by parcel provider and see on-time performance based on shipment destination.
  • Real-Time Delivery Status: Quickly assess and identify issues in carrier performance with real-time visibility to delivery events. Simply click through to delivery status by package.

Why EasyPost?

  • Speed: Newest and fastest API technology with response times at less than 300 ms.
  • Reliability: 99.99% uptime - the most reliable in the industry.
  • Flexibility: Whether you’re shipping 10 packages a year or 10 million, the EasyPost API scales easily with your volume growth.
  • Support: Your own dedicated support team that boasts a customer satisfaction score (CSAT) of 90%.