Popup Newsletter Subscription (foxnetsoft.com)

Popup Newsletter Subscription (foxnetsoft.com)
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Newsletter subscription popup window. Support discount, reward points for subscription.
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Các phiên bản được hỗ trợ: 4.10, 4.20, 4.30, 4.40, 4.50, 4.60
Tạo: Tháng Sáu 29,2017
Cập nhật mới nhất: Tháng Giêng 01,2023
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Newsletter Subscription

Popup window with support discount, reward points for subscription (FOXNETSOFT.COM)


Newsletter Subscription popup window with Discount Coupon and Reward Points.
Newsletter Popup plugin helps you in achieving more subscribers for your newsletter system by a newsletter popup form.
Plugin has a lot of settings. Try it free.

Key Features.
Popup window for Home page or for all pages
Display the popup after X seconds
Customization of any messages
Anti-fraud protection


  • Configure popup window for home page or for all pages
  • Customization of any messages
  • Anti-fraud protection
  • Support discount, reward points, etc.
  • Many customizations


Supported nopCommerce 4.60, 4.50, 4.40, 4.30, 4.20, 4.10

Fully localizable using extermal XML files

Multi-store support

Free Trial

1 year free support and upgrades since purchase date

Performance optimization

Easy setup and customization

Fast support

About US

We did more than 95 plugins for nopcommerce during last three years. Check out portfolio.

Nhận xét
pdjuretic 24/03/2020 4:14 SA
Outstanding support
This is a third plugin that I buy from this vendor and I can't be happier. The plugin works as expected. There was a minor glitch, but their support was excellent and resolved the issue immediately. I am really impressed and certainly recommend this plugin.
Nhận xét này có hữu ích không? Đồng ý0 / Không0
mcfam 21/02/2020 7:14 SA
Great Plugin
I am very satisfied with this plugin. It perfectly fulfills the required task.
I also suggested a small improvement and the developer made it for free and in real time.
Nhận xét này có hữu ích không? Đồng ý0 / Không0
marvinminkov 05/02/2020 6:31 SA
Good plugin, extraordinary support
When I encountered some problems with setting up the plugin, the support was really fast to make changes and update the plugin, so I can make it work as desired
Nhận xét này có hữu ích không? Đồng ý0 / Không0
[email protected] 12/09/2018 1:17 CH
Works great and received fast support.
Nhận xét này có hữu ích không? Đồng ý0 / Không0
Simon.UK 24/11/2017 2:14 SA
Great plugin, and amazing support
We are now using this plugin and it works perfectly.

The support has been excellent. Was a small issue on the original plugin and it was fixed within 24 hours. Perfect.All questions answered within a few business hours.

Works seamlessly with multi-language websites also. Bonus for us.

Can't recommend this enough.  This will now be a staple plugin for all our nops.

Well done!
Nhận xét này có hữu ích không? Đồng ý0 / Không0
deselt 30/06/2017 6:25 SA
This is the best way to collect emails for marketing in exchange to for discount. This plugin should be on market long time ago.
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