Dynamic Pricing for Precious Metals Plugin

10 年 前

I didn't see the posts as I didn't add a watch :(
Is it already ongoing or can I help you further ?

Kind regards,

10 年 前
Hi Stephen,

I was hoping to get the compiled files for this plugin so I could just add them to my site and use it. I don't know enough about Visual Studio/Web Developer to do this myself.

mj1856 said he would try get them up this weekend, but if you have some ready that would be great...!


10 年 前
Hi Stephen/Matt,

Can you advise how often the live prices are updated? Or have you published this information somewhere?


10 年 前
Hi Glenn,

The default is set to 5 minutes.
But this is nice: its configurable :)

There is a setting in the settings table ending with CachePeriodInMinutes

Have fun!

Kind regards
10 年 前
Be careful not to set that too much lower.  When dealing with third party web services, it's a matter of respect that you don't bombard them.  Caching is a good way to handle that.  Unless you are trading frequently and in large volumes, 5 minutes isn't really enough time to make much difference in the price.

10 年 前
5 mins I'm sure will do just fine guys...

I have just had a look in the database table "PreciousMetalsQuote" and I only see this updating each time one of the page's is visited, so I thought it just pulled an update then.
10 年 前
Yes.  It will update the table during the page load.  But if it has been done already within the last 5 minutes for the same type of metal, it will just use that data instead of requesting a new quote.
10 年 前
So should I be seeing an updated price record in the table for every 5 mins?

Because I only seem to be getting updates after the page has been visited.

See these updates in my table from yesterday between 12.35 and 22.52. Should there be updates for all day long, every 5 mins?

2011-11-30 12:35:17.137
2011-11-30 16:18:17.687
2011-11-30 22:28:27.560
2011-11-30 22:52:43.197

Keep in mind that probably no one would have visited the site during this time, is this why?
10 年 前
No - you won't see updates every 5 minutes.  If there's nobody on your site, then there's no need to pull pricing.  The intent is not to clone the entire datasource for historical pricing - for that, you would need to contract with the vendor (Kitco) directly.
10 年 前
Ah, I see.

Makes perfect sense...

Cheers again for the help. Lets hope I can make a buck out of this now, after the time I have put into testing with it :)