Dynamic Pricing for Precious Metals Plugin

10 年 前
Hey Guys,

Do you think this plugin will work with nop 2.3?


10 年 前
Yes, you have to get the new build in order to get it work.
10 年 前
Thanks Stephen,

Can you please advise the steps?

So far I have tried the following (using the 2.3 source files):
- Place your "Nop.Plugin.Pricing.PreciousMetals" folder with all files into my "nopv2.3\plugins" folder. It looks the same format as others in there.
- Make changes to "/Presentation/Nop.Web/Administration/Views/ProductVariant/_CreateOrUpdate.cshtml" file, adding iframe.
- Build my solution

But this does not work.My solution builds fine but I don't have the plugin in my "Presentation\Nop.Web\Plugins" folder.

Do you know what I am doing wrong, are these the correct steps?
10 年 前
I am almost done merging all of the source changes and I'm doing it in 2.30.  I'll have an update this weekend.  Sorry for the delays - I've been too busy in my day job. :)

A couple of things
- the description file is parsed by nop, so it has to have the 2.30 version listed.
- the build ouput directory should already be set to push to your presentation/plugins folder.  If not, check your project and change the build ouput directory.
- A found some performance issues with the current code.  It was not cleaning up well enough after each call to the pricing web service.  That was causing my app to run slow and leak memory and continually reset the app pool.  I've fixed this and will re-post soon.

I recommend waiting just until I have the latest changes merged.  You should find it much easier to integrate then.

Thanks for your patience!
10 年 前
Hi Matt,

Good work. Haven't had any memory leak experience but will check you changes when you commit them.
Please notify me when you have.

Kind regards,

10 年 前
Sorry for the delay on this.  All changes are merged back into the codeplex project, and several enhancements were made.  I will republish the plugin back to the nopcommerce extensions download area in the next day or so.

10 年 前
Sorry for the delay, but I'm happy to announce the latest version of the Precious Metals Pricing plugin is now available.

- Fully tested under nop 2.30
- Updated installation text with samples
- Now easy to specify metal weights in alternative units (grams, ounces, etc.)
- Easier integration for tiered pricing support
- Easy to edit precious metals parameters in bulk
- Ability to restrict precious metals items from subtotal discounts
- All strings have been localized so they can be specified in other languages if desired (but only English provided)
- Binary package uploaded to nopCommerce Downloads area, and to codeplex
- Full source code available on CodePlex.

Even if you're not working with precious metals, you may be interested in the source code.  This plugin is a great example of how to override and extend nopCommerce core functionality such as pricing and discount behaviors.


Thanks to Steven Maij for his great contributions on this project!

10 年 前
Hi Guys,

I have added some extra functionality to the plugin. You can specify how the prices are being rounded using Math.Ceil and Math.Round and an integer

299.2  - up - 2 --> 300
299.2 -  down - 2 --> 298

299.2  - up - 10 --> 300
299.2 -  down - 10 --> 290

Have a nice try

Kind regards,

7 年 前

Any upgrade of this plugin available for 3.40 version of nop-commerce ?
7 年 前
peterdias wrote:

Any upgrade of this plugin available for 3.40 version of nop-commerce ?

Check this