How can I enable SSL for the entire nopcommerce site?

3 年 前
I've added a ssl certificate.
After enabling ssl in config/store I have the following situation:
One may open front page and product-pages. It works fine with https.

When trying to open the cart or admin pages, the page can't be shown, error:

Result code: 301/Moved permanently

May someone have any idea?
3 年 前
guys i've done the
Then i tried

Admin Section --> Configuration --> Stores --> check box the 'SSL' button for all stores.

The appeared but unable to load,

any idea how to shift it back to http://...
3 年 前
vidhi wrote:
I am using nopcommerce 3.4.
I want to enable ssl on pages like login, order detail,etc
I have enables ssl from admin side Just set "SecuritySettings.ForceSslForAllPages" setting to "true" but It have https on all pages.
Please suggest what to do?

Thank you.

hi. we did this an now can't even load the page. time out issues. any advice? unable to access the admin at all.
10 个月 前
I am trying to enable the ssl i go to store > edit> check true enable ssl.. after that my website is note working please help. urgent
10 个月 前
Assuming you have an SSL Certificate Installed - Have you check with the Supplier authentication website to run the test to make sure it installed correctly
What is the website address  ?
Did you try accessing it with the full SSL address before switching it on ?
Did you try restarting the Webserver / Clear the Cache on your browser
If you need to turn Force SSL back off then you need to access the website database and change the setting back