Contact us spam attack

7 年 前
I had a problem with spam registrations which Tim2376 was kind enough to resolve for me.

However they have now attacked the contact us section.

Is there any way I can either delete the contact us email section and replace with a note ?

Or can I install something to block unwanted messages ?
7 年 前 wrote:
However they have now attacked the contact us section.


Try this.  Go to:

Admin -> Configuration ->  General and miscellaneous settings -> the "Security settings" tab

This is where you enabled the reCAPTCHA to stop spam registrations.

Right under the "CAPTCHA enabled" checkbox there is a list of options for where you want the reCAPTCHA to show.

Enable to option "Show on contact us page:" in this section.

I think this should fix the problem.

Hope this helps!
7 年 前
Could you explain how do you resolved the subscriptions spam?
2 年 前
I have the same issue even though I am using CAPTCHA.
I am still getting emails from spammers. can somebody assists?
2 年 前
Enable the Honey Pot settings
1 年 前
I’ve got a site hosted in China, however reCaptcha is not available there since google is barred in the country. According to google fix, recaptcha mpi needs to be changed to Does anybody know how to amend this? Thanks.
1 年 前

you can try our reCAPTCHA V3 Plugin and use the most new reCAPTCHA security.