Low Stock Activity - not available for Product Attributes?

5 年 前
Is there a reason why there is no option for choosing the Low Stock Activity when tracking inventory by product attributes?  Or am I missing it?  The low stock activity would be applied to the product attribute combination and not the product, however.

I have products that have 2 attributes each.  Ideally, I would want only the combinations that have inventory to be available on the site for the customer.  I have the "allow only existing attribute combinations" option checked, so that they are notified when they try to add it to their cart, but I'd rather not have that option available altogether.  Another option if DisableBuyButton is selected, then the button is disabled using AJAX (or a postback if the dynamic price update is turned off).

Additionally, if all the attribute combinations end up with zero inventory, then the low stock activity option should be applied to the overall product.  So then the entire product is unpublished or the buyback button is disabled.
4 个月 前
Good point!

As far as i know this functionality is not available in latest version (v. 4.2) too. Does anyone have solution for it?