List of possible integrations

3 年 前
More integration suggestions:

Agile CRM:

Zoho CRM:

..especially these two modules:
Zoho CRM --> SalesIQ:
Zoho CRM --> Campaigns:
2 年 前
We have Amazon Pay Plugin
and Google Shopping Feed plugin
2 年 前
Alex_L wrote:

Hi Alexandra,

We developed this plugin: HiPay for nopCommerce

2 年 前
Graph Database? So we can make faster queries. That way relationships implemented with foreign keys and queried by joining tables won't take a long time to process.
2 年 前
LiveAdmins chat software integrate with nopcommerce

Also integrate with WordPress, Magento, open cart, Shopify and many more.
1 年 前
Our Company just wrote a great article on this kind of topic covering a guide for retails to run a seamless e-commerce fulfillment process:

The goal of the article is to show you the importance of a well-run e-commerce fulfillment process and give you actionable steps to run it the right way.
1 年 前
CoopCycle shipping system integration.
For more info
1 年 前
Salon Software : Salonist. It can be integrated with Facebook and website to book an appointment for clients.
1 年 前
we develop Hubspot integration
Mailchimp integration