11 个月 前
thank you, that solved the issue, i then needed to download and reinstall the USPS shipping calculator, now the shopping cart page is working
5 个月 前
It didn't resolve for me on debugging nopcommerce 4.3.
What should i do?
4 个月 前
Hello! After enabling the SSL on NopCommerce 4.30, I keep on receiving TOO MANY REDIRECT issue. This is happening when the browser is not logged in and trying to redirect to URL.

Also, the suggestion above of force SSL in the Settings | General settings, this setting is not available on the 4.30 version.

Anyone experience this issue?
4 个月 前
Do you have your store url set to ( ?
Have SSL enabled as well.
And do not have force ssl set on the web server configuration (not a nop setting).
In IIS there is a setting to force ssl on the configured website your running your site on, I found when you have this set to on it will cause the error you stated.  The nopCommerce configuration will enforce your store to use ssl.
Check with your web hosting provider if you do not have access to the webserver configuration.
1 个月 前
I am using NOP 3.9 no-source and deployed on subdomain, where SSL support is on from my hosting company (shared hosting) but I don't have any SSL on my main site and subdomain as well. I tried all possible solutions which are posted in this thread but no luck. Kindly provide a solid solution for the subject matter.

Thanking you in anticipation.