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MikeCaldera wrote:

Community Help...Linux Users ...Windows users are rare

1) make sure you have your binding setup for Both [ and] in IIS


First visit

[enter only one domain without the www]
then create free ssl certificate
note: you should have the www. version showing also.
Select Manual Verification - Super fast
Manually Verify Domain

ok here's the thinking part:

Go into your root directory of your domain and add this exact folder and sub folder.

Create 2 folder in your domain
The First Directory is exactly without the quotes ".well-known"
The Sub Directory under ".well-known" is "acme-challenge"

.wellknown>acme-challenge> paste 2 files here only

Note the dot in front of wellknown is a MUST.

Verify successful upload by visiting the following links in your browser
This should show random alphanumeric characters.

Once this file shows in your web browser STOP and continue to Part 2 Below.


2) Run letsencrypt.exe on your webserver only (right click run as administrator) (scan it too :))

3) Just select the number of your website you want the ssl for.


select number 1 then hit enter
follow instructions that my cat can follow.

Remember these certificates expire in exactly 90 days so either add the reminder email in this program now here or google calendar/reminders. Do it right now.

Go check IIS Binding Settings: You should see New binding automatically setup with the HTTPS: 443 setup

Run this again in 90 days but this time it will remove old ssl certificates and install new ones.

Note: You will have to generate a separate ssl for and one for unlit they release the wildcard * one shortly.

there you go.

If you need the BAR to turn GREEN entirely then you need to pay and be vetted with a "EV certificate"
Extended Validation Certificate which will give you coverage up to 1 million dollars and is only for businesses that can be validated.

Use this for now then make your millions and get an EV certificate.

This post will help many as SSL can be confusing.

is it possible to get Free unlimited domain SSL  
and how it