NopExpress (Category With Products) (FREE) For Nopcommerce4.0

2 年 前
The plugin is available for Nopcommerce4.0. There are both files with source and without source. It is initially tested and all functionalities are working as expected. If face any problem, please knock me.

Here is the download link
2 个月 前
Do you have time to publish the installation method and the necessary modifications? Existing links are dead.
2 个月 前
what does the plugin actually do ?
I saw this link - don't know if it is the same product
You could try to contact them to see if they will update or publish the source
2 个月 前
There is also version 4.0
They disappeared from the Nop Marketplace.
In both versions you need to add (at the place where you want it to appear) code
@Html.Action("HomepageProductsBySpecialCategory", "HomePageProduct", new { area = "" })
@await Component.InvokeAsync("HomepageProductsBySpecialCategory")

Great and very valuable plugin