Must Have Discount Rule Plugins For NopCommerce By NopAdvance

2 年 前
Dear Community Members,

This is to notify that we have launched three different must have discount rule plugins for FREE for nopCommerce version 3.90 and 4.00

These plugins are available on nopCommerce marketplace that can be found as following:

1. Discount Rule on Minimum x.xx Cart Subtotal amount
2. Discount Rule On Every x Order
3. Discount Rule Only On x Order

We all know discount rules are very much important to promote your sales. Considering this in mind and based on our day to day eCommerce experience, we decided to offer these discount rules in nopCommerce.

If someone need these plugins for other versions of nopCommerce, they can raise us a request too. We will be happy to help.
1 年 前
good job
4 个月 前
Dear Community Members,

We are really happy to share this with you that updated version for all three plugins mentioned below are now available on nopCommerce marketplace.

Discount Rule - Minimum x.xx Cart Subtotal
Discount Rule - On Every X Order
Discount Rule - On x Order

Best regards,
NopAdvance team