Timeout bag

10 年 前
Our company using nocommerce 1.6 greate product.
But We have a problem during the work.
When we working in admin area, some times redirecting in login.aspx form
We can't change prices always redirecting in login.aspx form

If soneone konw why it is so, please answer.
10 年 前
please increase RAM for application pool or disable limitation of memory size.
change your tariff plan or change your current hosting provider.
10 年 前
(Application pool recycle when the RAM is not enough)
10 年 前
My RAM Memory is 4GB,
and my hosing provider is discount.asp company.
I don't think that it is because my ram is 4GB, or hosting provider is discount.asp company.

thank you for your apply.
Is there anyone who know real rezone of that?