Nop 4.1 Facebook plugin Valid OAuth redirect URIs

8 个月 前
I have the same problem, I cannot get my users authenticated with Facebook plugin.
I am using version 4.3. In facebook configuration I used as my oauth redirect page, with the other settings previously mentioned, but when I enter this address in the browser an hit ENTER my site says this page does not exists. I think this explains the fact that when my users enter correct fb credentials in my site nothing happens, they remain in the login page. Please help.
8 个月 前
So you entered
What is your website address ?
8 个月 前
My site is
8 个月 前
I have it working on v4.3 OK

Your site is Secured OK
Check you entered correctly and the other settings are the same
You tried restarting your webserver ?
Then only last thing you could try is uninstall and reinstall the Plugin
7 个月 前
Trying to fix the previous problem with Facebook auth plugin in version 4.3, I uninstalled it from the admon web interface. Now I cannot get it loaded again in local plugins. I install it again and again loading the zip file through web interface or copying manually the folder, I restarted server, restarted machine, deployed again the solution and nothing works, the plugin is not listed.
I can see that FB plugin DLL is not copied to the plugins/bin folder, and it is deleted automatically if I copy it manually.
Any idea? Thanks!!
2 个月 前
Yidna wrote:
Is you site running SSL ? Because you can not use the plugin unless you have a valid certificate installed and I have setting securitysettings.forcesslforallpages = true
If your website is called
then the Valid OAuth Redirect URIs is
and I also entered

All the other settings I have are:
Client OAuth Login: Yes
Web OAuth Login: Yes
Enforce HTTPS: Yes
Force Web OAuth Reauthentication: No
Embedded Browser OAuth Login: No
Use Strict Mode for Redirect URIs: Yes

Thanks for share your settings ! :D