Problems with the taxes

10 年 前
I don't understand the tax system in nopcommerce. I need for every Product 20% tax.

I have set the tax settings to:
Prices include tax
Tax display type: Including tax
Display tax suffix
Tax based on: default adress

I have set the "Fixed Rate Tax " Tax Provider to default and configured 20% as fix tax rate.

I also created two tax classes but I think I don't need them when I want to use the "Fixed Rate Tax " ?!
For this classes I created the Provider "Tax By Country & State" and added the Right Countries for each class.

In the product description I tested difrent settings:
with my tax classes
and without the tax classes (to use the "Fixed Rate Tax" tax provider).

The Problem is that the tax calculation is wrong.
The product price is with taxes 20Euro but in the shopping cart for taxes is written:

Sub-Total: €20.00 incl tax
Shipping:   Calculated during checkout
Tax:   €3.33

Thats wrong. 20% of 20Euro are 4 Euro not 3,33Euro.
Is something wrong in my configuration or is there a bug in the software?

best regards
10 年 前
You checked "Prices include tax" option. €20.00 (incl tax) - €3.33 = €16.67 (excl tax). So 20% of €16.67 is €3.33 which is correct. So do not need to check "Prices include tax" option
10 年 前
thank you

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10 年 前
How di I just add taxes to the state of Vermont?  I do not want to add taxes to any other state for subscriptions.
1 个月 前

I already defined the tax category with 15. In the tax provider fixed is selcted and category is showing is 15 and even in the tax setting > Tax based on None is not showing. and i already select tax display type including  and price include tax. but the price with tax is not applied. kindly guid me please
1 个月 前
As per above

a.m. wrote:
You checked "Prices include tax" option. €20.00 (incl tax) - €3.33 = €16.67 (excl tax). So 20% of €16.67 is €3.33 which is correct. So, do not [.] check "Prices include tax" option