Stripe payment integration

1 年 前
Hi, All,

There are a few Stripe plugins available using the old API, but as from September, they will need to update to the new API, please read below.

Starting in September 2019, a new regulation called Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) will require businesses in Europe to request additional authentication for online payments. We recommend that all European businesses start building their Stripe integrations with either our PaymentIntents API or our new Checkout to be ready for these rule changes.

Is there any vendor out there who has created or will create an updated payment plugin for NOP?

1 年 前
I did some plugins for Stripe payments.
I published only one of them

Stripe is a platform for payments (Credit Cards, SEPA, etc.).
What do you need from Stripe?

I did plugin for SEPA payment but I am not sure that some of store's owners don't use it.
1 年 前
Is there any reason to use Stripe when Square has the same fees and a free plugin?
1 年 前
There are many payment gateways.
And each of them has the same fees.
I don't know.
1 年 前
I forgot to write.
My Stripe plugins support 3DSecure 2.0, SCA and PDS 2.0.
1 年 前
We have been using Stripe for a few years now and their product and customer service is outstanding, I recommend them, we are also going to purchase the FoxNetSoft plugin as it adheres to the new EU rules coming out in September.

1 年 前
Could you please elaborate the difference between the direct and hosted version.

Do I get it right that

with HOSTED the customer's browser opens a new window with Stripe's webpage where he completes payment without the invervention of my server running Nopcommercce?

With the DIRECT version do I host on my server (where Nopcommerce runs) those HTML input text fields where the customer enters his credit card data?  If yes, don't we need to pass the very hard requirements of PCI compliance to handle such credit card data?  Even if we only forwarding these without storing them, PCI will require the same compliance procedure.
I would rather avoid this hassle, supposing it is almost impossible for a small company to comply to these requirements.
1 年 前

1. hosted version
This is nopcommerce redirect plugin.
Customer selects Stripe Hosted Checkout and press the button continue.
Nopcommerce will redirect to Stripe  Hosted Checkout page in this window (this page has URL like https:\\****)
When customer presses the button Submit payment Stripe will redirect customer back you your site.
You don;t have any popup new windows.

2. the direct payment
Stripe adds IFrame into nopcommerce payment info page with credit cards fields.
Customer set credit card settings and presses the button submit payment.
Stripe uploads customer;s credit card values from this IFrame and gets back token.
My plugin will use this token for approve payment.
1 年 前
Thank you,  what are these solutions called in Stripe's naming terminology.   I mean the naming here:  
1. Is it the  Stripe Checkout + Client and Server Integration -  For dynamic products and pricing
2. Or is it built like here:  with module and:     ?

I would like to add the shop's logo on the payment webpage so my customers don't get confused where their money goes (our company name differs from the shop's name)     Is it possible to use more than one different look (one per webshop) for the payment page with one company and one Stripe account?

Can I add my own labels above Stripe's field like 'Enter your credit card number here' in not supported languages?

I cannot understand where the new SCA has a role. It is OK that the user gets a second authentication in some form, like a code sent in a text message over his phone, but where does he enter it, I don't see any additional fields on any screenshots.
1 年 前
Stripe has many API (Checkout API, Payment Intend API, Order API, etc.).
Each of API has hosted checkout and direct payment versions.

Stripe did new Payment Intend API for SCA, 3D Secure 2.0, PD2.
My two plugins uses this new API.

It's better for you to read Stripe documentation for customers, not for developers.