Problem on Accessing Authorization code(OAuth 2 ) Api call

1 年 前
Hello, I have a query regarding the Access token.I am using the NopCommerce api as a demo project for testing purpose.When I logged in as a client user i got my client id and client secret.The followings are -
ClientId- 0e08a338-d5b8-4d92-997e-b677d8f28fc8
Client Secret- da5d26a4-bea6-4cbe-815d-f0ebb4839b93
I was trying to get the access token through Restlet while trying this, it is asking for Authorization Code.For this I used the following url and parameters-
redirect url- ,
auth url-
access token url-
In Header-
Accept-application/json , Content_Type- application/x-www-form-urlencoded
In query parameter-
response type- code
But I am getting error 302
Can you explain what is the proper way to get authorization code and access token?
1 年 前
if you're willing to get logged in through external auth.. like google and facebook than you must provide the exact redirect link of login e.g