I have a number of stores "postmeXXXXXX.com" (ie. postmedental, postmeunderwear etc.). These also have a number of domains. "postmeXXXXX.dk", "postmeXXXXX.sv" etc.

As you see this could become VERY expensive in ssl certificates (app. $80 each year per domain - give or take a little).

Now my question is this. Would it be possible for me just to one domain "www.postme.com" and then make subdirectories that are SSL secured...

like https://www.postme.com/postmeunderwear/

I could also accept to buy a wildcard ssl (even though they are quiet expensive).

this could make me do this:

https://secureunderwear.postme.com ...

Is this even possible? Which road should i take to enable this in NOP (both for checkout and account details?)

I would also like advice for bestvalue for ssl certificates. I can definately not afford Verisign. I checked GoDaddy - but there's alot of "noise" about them out there... I realize that the above stuff is mostly hacks, but for people with ecommerce farms it could be very very expensive to ssl enable all domains...

Ideas anybody?