SEO keywords

12 年 前
How can i choose keywords?
Can i write keywords English and my native language? (mix)
Which way is better ?
I like to be found my products both search query.
12 年 前
Please look at
12 年 前
I already read documentation.
I just like to know in which language i have to write SEO keywords.
I both languages are important.
12 年 前
Here is what I just found on a website.

[quote]The "keywords" metadata must appear in the language of the document (for pages in Greek, the keywords must be in Greek). [/quote]

I'm not sure if this is referring to the actual DOCTYPE?
<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">

In nop, when you change the language the doctype remains EN, so I would suggest keeping your keywords in English.  However, I did also read on another site that some people add both languages in the keywords.  You may wish to play with this some and see what works for you.  Possibly do just english on one product and both languages on another and see if it makes any differences in your rankings?  I also, just read that google really doesn't use the meta keywords for ranking purposes.

You may wish to find an SEO specific forum to ask this question on for more of an expert advice.  I would be curious of what you find out.

12 年 前
Ok, I stand corrected.  The language attribute in the keyword tag is actually referring to the natural language of that page, not the DOCTYPE.  The DOCTYPE language only refers to that actual html.

[quote]The language attribute tells search engines what natural language the website is written in (e.g. English, Urdu or French), as opposed to the coding language (e.g. HTML). It is normally a 2 letter abbreviation for the language name. It is of most use when a website is written in multiple languages and can be included on each page to tell search engines in which language a particular page is written. [/quote]


Most of the articles I've been reading suggest doing 2 separate pages.  One in one English and one in the other language.