Mutiple stores hosting

12 年 前
Is it possible to use nopCommerce for multiple separated stores with different users and administrators who will manage their stores and won't know about each other?
12 年 前
No. This feature is not implemented.
12 年 前
I'm looking for a shopping cart for our project and nopCommerce is a candidate #1 for it. It's way ahead of any existing carts in terms of the code quality and extensibility. But our first requirement is working with multiple stores on one hosting.

I would love to participate to the project and implement this functionality following your roughly instructions. Would it be possible?

P.S. I'm a ~15 years of experience programmer, beginning on C++/SQL/COM and working as a .NET Web-developer last 3-4 years. I can also send my resume on request.
I can work on the project a couple of hours a day on evenings and may be available by e-mail/Skype/GTalk/etc.

Also, there is no the language barrier :) I'm speaking Russian.