Hello All,

I may well be the most recent addition to this group having been on here for just a couple months... I must say It was terrifying finding out the plugins/market place was no longer - It was very much the deciding factor for me during my platform provider market research.

Being relatively new to the platform, the Nopcommerce name provides much reassurance which extends to all the content found on the site, but if you begin sending novices like me externally to different providers the confidence is lost very quickly. please don't under-estimate the power of single sourced solutions -  a single and concise collection of dev tools/resources.

The branding has been so positive that I even went along with a recommended hosting provider but now it has become a question of do I cut my losses and seek out alternatives? The plugins gave the confidence of experimentation and helped steer development. I appreciate the monetization argument , while I do not speak for other more learned individuals here I would happily pay a modest annual fee 75-100 to have access to the marketplace.

The timing also may not be the best conceived especially considering as the pandemic has lots of people taking a leap into starting their own businesses. To many of us the market place provided a reassuring comfort working hand-in hand with the forums to guided us through all challenges. (especially the non-savvy) to whom the market place can feel like you are being safely guided around a maze.

As mentioned on here already... I hope these raised concerns show how passionate many of us feel about the market place - NopCommerce continues to grow as a brand and will gain momentum in time so don't sacrifice its QUALITY!

Many thanks