Stores marked as "Deceptive site ahead"

4 个月 前
Our nopCommerce stores are being marked as "Deceptive site ahead" by Google. It started happening yesterday and I'm wondering if anyone here has any insights on how to solve this. We've already scanned the server for malware and it's clean and we've sent a request to Google to remove the "Deceptive" flag.

Just to provide some idea of our environement that might help figure the problem out.

We host multiple stores under a single domain (i.e. [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] and so on)
All stores have SSL certificates assigned to them.
We are on Windows 2012 R2, noP version 4.20
4 个月 前
Have you checked the plugin folders for your sites to be sure a plugin hasn't been compromised or installed? Also your 3rd party themes if any. Just a thought.
4 个月 前
See what happens with another browser.

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4 个月 前
Google has finally removed the flag on our sites. Thank you for answering my question.