Delivery address

2 个月 前
Hi All.

I need a Plugin for the delivery address under My account.

So when a customer have 10 delivery address it needs to show a Dropdown menu for all the delivery addresses.  Maybe with a Search function? So the customer can search in the delivery address.

Instead of having a page where you need to roll down to find a delivery address.
2 个月 前
RE: "need to roll down "
What "roll down" are you referring to?  Most address selection pages already have a dropdown.  Which checkout are you using - regular (multi-page), one-page, 3rd party plugin?
2 个月 前
I talking about /customer/info

When the customer log in and have bought several orders. Then when they click on

"my account" --> Addresses (/customer/addresses)

Then it shows a full list of addresses. So you need to scroll down if you got a lot of addresses.
2 个月 前
Oh, I see now.
You can probably just edit the CSS file and add "display : none" to a class