NopCommerce works properly on Visual Studio but not after publishing the project on IIS

2 个月 前
I have integrated the NopCommerce website with my project. I navigate to the NopCommerce through an option in the Navigation Bar. When I move to the NopCommerce website, it is supposed to login with the current user. In the header, there is a welcome message, shopping cart, wishlist and logout option. It works fine on Visual Studio.  

But, after I published the project and hosted it on IIS, it logins with the same user, but the shopping cart, welcome message , wishlist and logout option do not appear.  Rather, the sign in option appears.  And when I sign in again, it takes me back to the same page. No cart and other options in the header appear. I know that the user has signed in because there is a logout option in the header of this Sign in page.

Could someone please tell me why this happens and how to solve this?
1 个月 前
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