I install nop 4.3 on a Ubuntu machine using Nginx as a reverse proxy and also behind cloudflare service.
First I have too many redirect errors when I try to open login page, but by enabling SSL on Store table , it works fine.
Then I try to set  "UseHttpXForwardedProto": true in appsettings, but by doing that again I face with too many redirect error.
I have a custom plugin to login to store by OpenId Connect, it works fine on 4.2, I upgrade it to 4.3, but now when authorize message return to nopcommerce it show page not found error message, I thought it must be related to   "UseHttpXForwardedProto": false, that Now I have in settings.
How can I fix too many redirect error while keep   "UseHttpXForwardedProto": true ?

I check the Nginx log, it seems that all connection recorded as http:// instead of https:// while I force using https, it important when I use External Authentication services, return Uri reported as a http:// address,
Is there any tested document illustrate how to install nop on Ubuntu + Nginx + Clouflare ?

Thank you