Display prices excluding VAT to foreign customers

2 个月 前
Hello Community

I was not able to do this through configuration: Domestic customers should see prices including VAT, foreign customers excluding VAT.

Thank you for any help, Tis

Using version 3.9
2 个月 前
Our nopCommerce is configured to display prices inclusive VAT by default. Only to registered foreign customers, the prices should be displayed without VAT.

If it is not possible to onfigure nopCommerce to do this, I would be happy if someone could confirm.

Thanks, Tis
2 个月 前
This you can achieve by customization or develop plugin
2 个月 前
Hi Rajupaladiya

Thank you for responding.
I also think that's the only solution. Meanwhile I have already done that customization.

2 个月 前
Sounds good Tis