Nop Commerce 1.8 Web Forms Project Code Versioning Problem

2 个月 前
I have a Nop Commerce Project 1.8 Web Forms source code. I have also the deployed version.

My issue is that the source code is older version than the deployed version and has some differences.

I have try to decompile the published version and then compare the modules and the controls but every time I am fixing something and something else is missing.

Is there any other path that I can follow that may be a little bit more easy and less time consuming?
2 个月 前
You can compare your code wiith original code and check differents
2 个月 前
This is what I am doing until now but the source code I have is not the latest...

When I decompile I have to decompile one by one all the dlls not only the store dll because for example the store has references in the code to Business Logic product manager.

So i need to decompile Business Logic and compare the classes with the one i have in my source code.

I am doing this but it is pain to do it one by one...