Using Multiple Product Attributes

1 个月 前
I am trying to sell my photographs and would like to offer Canvas, Metal, and Acrylic as a choice.  Each  of these attributes have a list (drop-down) of sizes, ranging from 8x10 to 24x36,  and each size sells at a different price.   If I add these attributes to a product, they all appear on the Shopping Cart and the preselected sizes are all calculated as a total for the cart, depicting the price of one of each of the preselected sizes of each attribute..  

How do I setup this approach and allow the client to an amount for each attribute individually and having the total calculated for the whole set for that photo, such that a client can order 2 8x10 canvas, 3 16x20 Metal, and / or 2 24x36 acrylic?

Thank you for the guidance and recommendations.
1 个月 前
It would require customization.  Out of the box, each shopping cart 'Item' has a quantity, and each item is unique in regards to attributes selected.   The product page only allows the customer to enter a single quantity for the selected attributes.