Customer's requests 2.0 (

Customer's requests 2.0 (
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This plugin is advanced version of our plugin Request For Quote with history of requests and new extra features.
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支持的版本: 4.10, 4.20, 4.30, 4.40, 4.50, 4.60
创建于 五月 08,2014
最后更新: 一月 02,2023

Customer's requests 2.0

This plugin is advanced version of our plugin Request For Quote with history of requests and new extra features (FOXNETSOFT.COM)


With this plug-in, your customers can send a request for quote to the site's owner. You can insert buttons to display quote request form anywhere on the page. The store's owner can choose what products and at what time will have the option of submitting a request for quote.

Button to request a quote will be displayed for the products from Books group from January 01, 2014 till January 10, 2014.

Key Features:

1. You can configure what products (groups, manufacturers) will have the option of submitting a price request form.
Request for quote form can be sent only for products from Books group.
2. You can create any number of request for quote forms (each will have its own description).
For products of Books category, button 1 will be displayed with Request for quote caption. For products of Notebook category, button 2 will be displayed with Request for discount.
3. You can change the design and layout of request for quote forms (cshtml-files and css-style).
4. ACL support.
Request for quote form prices will be available only to registered users or only for guests.
5. You can choose a period during which the client can send request for quote form.
Allow clients to send request for quote form for only one day.
6. Works very quickly (store procedures).
7. Multistore support.
8. Multilanguage support.

New features in release 2.00 (for nop 4.xx)
1. Request attributes.
You can set what information do you need to get from your customer.
Customer's age or product quantity.
2. Conditions
You can set conditions for displaying 'Request buttons'.
Diplay button only for products if ones are out of stock, etc.

The unregistered version has only one limitation – Demo text on request page.


  • History of customer's requests
  • Support several kinds of customer's requests
  • Support several rules for customer's requests
  • Support ACL
  • Customization using cshtml and CSS


Supported nopCommerce 4.60, 4.50, 4.40, 4.30, 4.20, 4.10

Fully localizable using extermal XML files

Multi-store support

Free Trial

1 year free support and upgrades since purchase date

Performance optimization

Easy setup and customization

Fast support

About US

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fsr76 2021/11/15 13:00
Really useful plugin!
For custom work or customization on a product, this plugin is a great option to allow customers to know they can request customizations and a custom price quote.  The plugin works great!  I use it for customization quotes and also use it as a Request to Purchase button for certain items.  Also, the support for Foxnetsoft is top notch.  Very responsive to emails and knowledgeable.
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terile 2021/8/31 14:59
Pleasantly Surprised
I was pleasantly surprised with the excellent customer support I received from FoxNetSoft. They were quick to respond and had the solution I needed. I LOVE their products, but now... I'm an even BIGGER fan!
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anexia 2020/9/28 1:19
Amazing support
We had a very pleasant experience with plugin support.
We had some questions on plugin usage and also some custom requests. They responded very fast, helped us with our questions and added a custom feature that we needed.
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[email protected] 2020/4/16 19:37
Responsive support team
I had a couple of questions about the configuration of the plugin during the trial period. The support staff was quick to respond to the help request i sent to the support email address on the site and they responded and walked me through the issues clearly and got me resolve things very fast. Good service and i will definitely use this plugin and the company for our future needs.
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a.pick 2020/3/14 2:20
Good Feature but Popup Support Needed
I like the plugin as it allows creating several scenarios.

However, since it doesn't support popups, it redirects user to another page which is not a good experience. It should finish the process quickly with a popup.

I hope this feature will be added soon.
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I have a plan to redevelop this plugin in the future and I plan to add this feature.
fatih 2020/3/5 10:03
Popup support is a must for this plugin
I wanted to use this plugin since it has lots of good features.

However, when I see that it doesn't support popup, I was disappointed.

I see that there are other people already requested this feature but it wasn't implemented yet.

I wonder whether it's possible or not to apply popup feature to this plugin. I'm sure that it's not a big deal for the developer but since it was ignored until now, there should be a problem.

I hope the developer will reply back and we will understand the situation with the plugin.
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jonesalexr 2018/10/15 22:42
Greatly expanded features!
I had this plugin installed on Nop3.9. I went back to get the newest version when i upgraded my store to nop4.10. The plugin had so many added features. I have much more flexibility to make my form dynamic ad have addional fields based on questions asked on the form. For instance, I have a quote for freight shipping. I have a question that asks business or residential address. If business, the form asks if they have a loading dock. If they say residential, they don't see the loading dock question. This is all very easy to implement on the admin page. Very delighted at the new features.
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[email protected] 2017/12/7 9:44
Eccellent plugin
Eccellent plugin and very useful. Accurate and fast support
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zaf 2017/8/3 7:04
PLEASE! Make it in PopUp window!!! PLEASE!
Does it work in PopUp!??!?! Please, make it work in PopUp. Add such functionality in Admin Area, please!!!!!??!?!
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zaf 2017/7/10 11:40
Does it work in popUp window?
Hi. Does it work in popUp? Is it possible to have the form in popup widnow just like in the previous version of this plugin?
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No, this release doesn't support popup windows. We don't want to promise to add it.
john_foxier 2017/7/6 8:04
I want to but this plugin, but I want to know, does it work in popup window or on separate page?

My name is John Foxier, I am from Canada. I want to purchase this plugin for my eShop. But before, I would like to know, does it work in popup or only on separate page?

I want it in popup.

I am looking forward for your soonest reply.

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This version has history and doesn't support popup window. If you need we have another plain version of RFQ plugin with popup window. You can check plugin free. Download and install it.
TD_nventive 2017/3/14 8:24
Fast and personal support
Before buying the plugin I ran into a problem on local dev machine not showing button. Contacted support and got a quick and personalized response. Support even suggested to use Skype and screen sharing to investigate my problem!
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planatstudio 2017/2/17 5:31
Awesome support!
Foxnetsoft contacted us on the forums, describing that our issue could be resolved with his plugin.

After trying the plugin it became clear that we needed a few modifications. Foxnetsoft implemented everything we could ask for, and more.

Great plugin and awesome support!
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jmccolley 2017/1/30 15:38
This is a great plugin!
I needed to create a "quote only" website and this plugin did just that for me!
In addition, I needed a modification to the plugin and FoxNetSoft made the modifications for me, even over the weekend!
I love this plugin!!!
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