SSL Certificate


DigiCert is focused only on SSL Certificates. This unique focus has allowed DigiCert to become the industry leader that it is today, developing better ways to generate, sell, and manage certificates. The DigiCert team devotes all its time to delivering excellent customer service, approving certificate requests, and providing customers with the best security available on the Internet today.

DigiCert is a premier provider of security solutions and certificate management tools. We have earned our reputation as the security industry leader by building innovative solutions for SSL Certificate management and emerging markets. DigiCert is trusted by over 115,000 enterprises in more than 180 countries. Our customers include several of the most visited websites in the world.


Certificate Inspector enables partners to gauge health of certificates across your customers’ networks. Inspection is a critical component of maintaining complete security at all times during the certificate lifecycle, and this tool scans for certificates, identifies configuration errors, scans for vulnerabilities, and provides remediation suggestions.


Partners of DigiCert can rely on us to ensure that the validation process is quick and convenient, even with our Extended Validation certificates.


DigiCert is a High-Assurance CA, which means all of our certificates are OV or EV. These high-assurance certificates are trusted by all browsers and ensure that your sites are secure. DigiCert’s validation specialists work around the clock to issue your certificates as quickly as possible.


Clients purchase EV certificates because they are the most trusted certificates on the Internet. These certificates offer the highest-level security and offer visual cues that prove the site is secure.