Copy products from AliExpress to your nopCommerce website
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支持的版本: 4.20, 4.30, 4.40
创建于 六月 24,2020
最后更新: 八月 10,2021

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This plugin provides a Chrome extension. When you are on https://sale.aliexpress.com/, several function buttons will be displayed on the page. They can quickly import product information from this page into your nopCommerce store.

Steps for usage:

  1. Install this plugin on the nopCommerce plugin market
  2. Configure security access token for chrome extension
  3. Install the extension in chrome and click the icon to configure your nop site address and security access token
  4. Import/update/edit your product information on the aliexpress website

Support version

  • 4.2 (EF core)
  • 4.3+ (LinqToDB)


  1. The pictures in the current product description are still linked to aliexpress
  2. After the product is imported, it is not released by default. You need to publish it to preview it.
  3. SKU multi-attribute price is not set, you need to price according to your sales strategy

Feature list:

  • Copy products from AliExpress to your nopCommerce website
  • Chrome extension supports English and Simplified Chinese
  • Product information contains seo related information, product attributes, features, product descriptions, product pictures
  • When your store already has AliExpress products in front of you, it will show Update, Edit, View buttons

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